Monday, February 23, 2009

I GOT IN!!!!!!!!!!!


more on that later when I have a minute. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

it's been a few days.

<--- Catrine, in a bag, hanging out. 

I've been distracted for the past few days, in a good way. 

I'm on break right now (this week) from school, which is very much needed.  I went to Boston Saturday to see a friend's band (one who I used to hang out with in my younger days).  They broke up a couple of years ago but had a reunion/last show.  It was fun to get out of town and to see people I have a few (hazy) memories with. 

Monday, the girls and I went shopping in Boston. Which was absolutely necessary... of course. I got some cute stuff and didn't spend TOO much... though I probably should've not spent any. Ah, I hate money :( Actually, I just hate never having any. I'm pretty used to it, though. 

I worked at my internship today. We're getting ready to move the library back into its renovated space, and it was very hectic today.  Lots of shifting of books, packing stuff, trying to make stuff fit... The library looks gorgeous though, and it will be nice to have an internship in a place that's not like a dungeon (we're in the basement of the CVS building... it messes with my perception of time).  

I have a lot to do in the next couple of days, so I'm going to make myself a little list to keep on task: 
  1. email Malinda with a copy of the paper requirements, and ask her if I can come down next week to start my research
  2. look for books for said paper (at least 4!) for Tuesday.
  3. read for Tuesday and Wednesday
  4. study UCL's program, come up with questions to ask at the interview and some possible ideas for a dissertation (my interview is Monday and I feel like throwing up)
  5. begin writing paper for history of archaeological thought
  6. begin writing paper for seminar in art history
  7. try to relax.
  8. go grocery shopping
  9. not barf because of interview
  10. relax
  11. Monday- call and make an appointment with JE!!!!!! 
so... hopefully I'll get all of that shiz done in the next few days.  I really need to concentrate tomorrow.  We're getting a storm, so hopefully I'll have the ability to sleep in and do work all day, and I'm hoping to go dancing tomorrow night. 

In other news, I still have a terrible crush.... I just... can't get a crush on someone who will ever like me back. Stupid tall-dark-handsome types.  Get me every time. 

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Didn't get into the Egyptian Archaeology program at UC-London... 

Pretty bummed about that.  Though, I guess if I have an interview for the comparative art and archaeology program that must mean that I'm either already in pretty much, or at least I wasn't immediately rejected.

Rejection is a hard thing to deal with. I'm bummed.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


What a fun weekend I had.  My little brother came up from Rhode Island (he's in his final year at URI) to hang out. And my friend Sanna arrived from Vienna safely, though she ended up being too allergic to my cats to stay here.  My brother is the most hilarious person I know, and we have exactly the same sense of humor.

We all went out dancing last night to some house/electronica/whatever it is music at Empire.  Nate, Daise and I were... fish out of water, so to speak.  None of us had any idea how to dance to that kind of music, but my brother (who spent 6-7 months living in Germany last year) and Sanna (who is German and lives in Austria) taught us how to properly dance to it, though we mostly spent the whole time making fun of it.  Our favorite move of the evening: my brother teaching us how to dance like a tyrannosaurus, with guns, and act like you have Parkinson's.  Awesome.

I have class this week, and then break next week.  I need a break, already.  I'm tired (well, especially today, because I barely slept last night).  I have reading to do for tomorrow morning, which I haven't done yet (well, except for like 15 pages, but I still have another 25 to go).  I also have 60 or so pages due for Tuesday, plus 500 words of writing and posting on the discussion board, and then for Wednesday I have to go to the museum (shouldn't take long, though), which means I should get my homework for Tuesday done tomorrow night (I have all day).  I'm not going to my internship this week... I have too much to do! 

I'm hoping over break I have time to start my papers.  I have a lot to do...

  1. Seminar in art history: I can write it on anything.  So, I've decided to do it on a few pieces from the MFA of reliefs from Amarna.  I'm going to write about the stylistic change during the reign of Akhenaten, and its lasting effect on the art of Egypt. 
  2. History of archaeological thought: Also can write on anything.  I'm writing on the history of archaeological excavation in the Valley of the Kings (there's a method to the madness of my choice of papers).  I'm going to write about how colonialism has effected interpretations of Egyptian art and collecting by the West.
  3. Caribbean archaeology: I'm writing on the prehistoric and historic excavation of St. Lucia.  I don't quite know where I'm going with that one yet.
  4. Museums and public culture: I'm going to do a museum ethnography of the Robert S. Peabody museum of archaeology (as long as I can get permission).  It's got to be 18-20 pages... yeesh.

So, yeah, a lot of work.  It's... madness right now.  Ahhhhhh.... I should probably email the director of the RS Peabody now. Haha. 

Thursday, February 5, 2009


So today I got a good email.

I had gotten an email from UC-London the other day saying that they had my application in the department and were sending it off to the appropriate faculty to be considered.


I got an email today asking me if I would be available for a phone interview on February 23rd.



So, needless to say, I'm wicked excited. And nervous! I guess it's a good sign that they want to do an interview and didn't just toss my application out... I'm hoping that means that I've got a good chance to get in. I've only heard from the comparative art and archaeology program that I applied to there, not the Egyptian archaeology I applied to. (fyi-zies of links at the bottom, if you're interested or whatever.)

I'm hoping I hear back from Penn State and UMass Amherst soon. I'm sending my application in to Leiden like, tomorrow, which is totally terrifying.

I seriously want to go to London, by the way. Holy crap.

My friend Sanna is coming to stay with me from Vienna (as in Austria) tomorrow for... ?? a little while at least. I'm excited to see her! Hopefully my cats won't bother her too much. AND my brother is coming up from Rhode Island to hang out tomorrow, which is exciting.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Well, I've decided to make the transfer over here from LJ.  While I'll still keep my LJ for the more private, censored parts of my life, I figured it would be nice to have some sort of record for myself as to the work I'm doing in my final semester of college (for posterity's sake).  Though I doubt anyone will find what I have to say interesting, you never know, I suppose.

Currently I'm working on finishing up the analysis of the excavations at this house we dug up this summer in Portsmouth, NH.  The house dates to 1766 and is really awesome.  The backyard is all fill from the basement, so the archaeology has been really interesting.  Full vessels found in the basement when it was dug out in the late 90s match pieces of ceramics we found 90 cm deep in the backyard.  I spent a lot of time there this summer digging it up with my professor Nathan, and some great pals (like Lindsey and Art).  I washed basically all 15,000 + artifacts we found in the backyard, and spent the winter finishing up the processing of them.  Lindsey and I are both doing presentations at the New Hampshire Archaeological Society meeting in April, as well as USM's Thinking Matters undergrad research symposium.  

So today I finished up going through all of the shell (about 2000 pieces of it), and trying to do species identification.  It's sort of an arduous process, as the shell breaks down over time and becomes really chalky. It can be difficult to tell the difference between a soft shell clam and a surf clam when they get all calcified and shiz.  The marine univalves are pretty easy to distinguish, but terrestrial univalves are an effing nightmare, because there's just... no good comparative collections and no good guides for t-unis.

Ok, as a total gross sidebar:
I have a GREAT dog. But he's a pain.  He's a chocolate lab/boxer (or pitty) mix, and is the biggest baby in the world.  I let him get away with everything (well, within reason), and that includes sleeping under the covers (he gets really cold!).

Well as I was writing this, he was asleep under the covers (I've got my computer in bed).  He was sleeping soundly, then all of a sudden he started sniffing and moving around, and I felt something WET. 

So, I flip open the covers, turn on the light, and there's something wet on the sheets.  My sheets are brown, so I'm like "are you bleeding? Am I bleeding?"... I run into the other room, grab a paper towel (and he follows me into the living room and lays down)... I rub the paper towel on the wet spot and it's definitely not blood.  

It's "anal secretions".  Boy dogs have anal glands that secrete stuff... and for some reason, Lemmy's butt just let out this rather large amount of butt juice.  And it STINKS.  It doesn't smell like poop... It smells like rotten fish mixed with dog butt.  It's foul, and it was on my sheets, and I'm grossed OUT! Luckily I have a huge amount of spray Shout (I spill things a lot) in my linen closet and sprayed the bajeezus out of the spot, and it didn't have enough time to get down to the mattress.

But GROSS. He's absolutely mortified.  He's in the other room right now sulking, and has zero desire to be in here.  I'm sure it's confusing for him.  I think we're going to take a break from having him sleep under here with me for a while.