Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Well, I've decided to make the transfer over here from LJ.  While I'll still keep my LJ for the more private, censored parts of my life, I figured it would be nice to have some sort of record for myself as to the work I'm doing in my final semester of college (for posterity's sake).  Though I doubt anyone will find what I have to say interesting, you never know, I suppose.

Currently I'm working on finishing up the analysis of the excavations at this house we dug up this summer in Portsmouth, NH.  The house dates to 1766 and is really awesome.  The backyard is all fill from the basement, so the archaeology has been really interesting.  Full vessels found in the basement when it was dug out in the late 90s match pieces of ceramics we found 90 cm deep in the backyard.  I spent a lot of time there this summer digging it up with my professor Nathan, and some great pals (like Lindsey and Art).  I washed basically all 15,000 + artifacts we found in the backyard, and spent the winter finishing up the processing of them.  Lindsey and I are both doing presentations at the New Hampshire Archaeological Society meeting in April, as well as USM's Thinking Matters undergrad research symposium.  

So today I finished up going through all of the shell (about 2000 pieces of it), and trying to do species identification.  It's sort of an arduous process, as the shell breaks down over time and becomes really chalky. It can be difficult to tell the difference between a soft shell clam and a surf clam when they get all calcified and shiz.  The marine univalves are pretty easy to distinguish, but terrestrial univalves are an effing nightmare, because there's just... no good comparative collections and no good guides for t-unis.

Ok, as a total gross sidebar:
I have a GREAT dog. But he's a pain.  He's a chocolate lab/boxer (or pitty) mix, and is the biggest baby in the world.  I let him get away with everything (well, within reason), and that includes sleeping under the covers (he gets really cold!).

Well as I was writing this, he was asleep under the covers (I've got my computer in bed).  He was sleeping soundly, then all of a sudden he started sniffing and moving around, and I felt something WET. 

So, I flip open the covers, turn on the light, and there's something wet on the sheets.  My sheets are brown, so I'm like "are you bleeding? Am I bleeding?"... I run into the other room, grab a paper towel (and he follows me into the living room and lays down)... I rub the paper towel on the wet spot and it's definitely not blood.  

It's "anal secretions".  Boy dogs have anal glands that secrete stuff... and for some reason, Lemmy's butt just let out this rather large amount of butt juice.  And it STINKS.  It doesn't smell like poop... It smells like rotten fish mixed with dog butt.  It's foul, and it was on my sheets, and I'm grossed OUT! Luckily I have a huge amount of spray Shout (I spill things a lot) in my linen closet and sprayed the bajeezus out of the spot, and it didn't have enough time to get down to the mattress.

But GROSS. He's absolutely mortified.  He's in the other room right now sulking, and has zero desire to be in here.  I'm sure it's confusing for him.  I think we're going to take a break from having him sleep under here with me for a while.



  1. TRAITOR!!!
    ;-) other news... holy grossness

    P.S. what does amarnasaten mea?

  2. traitor!? for what reason?

    also, amarna is the city that akhenaten (pharaoh from 18th dynasty) ruled in, and is also the other name for the 18th dynasty (amarna period).

    akhenaten changed the traditional cult of egypt from a polytheistic (with amun, the sun god) religion to a monotheistic religion, with aten, the solar disk, as the only god worshipped.

    nerd alert!

  3. Wow that sounds like an awesome job! In New Zealand you don't really find much over 150 years old.