Sunday, February 8, 2009


What a fun weekend I had.  My little brother came up from Rhode Island (he's in his final year at URI) to hang out. And my friend Sanna arrived from Vienna safely, though she ended up being too allergic to my cats to stay here.  My brother is the most hilarious person I know, and we have exactly the same sense of humor.

We all went out dancing last night to some house/electronica/whatever it is music at Empire.  Nate, Daise and I were... fish out of water, so to speak.  None of us had any idea how to dance to that kind of music, but my brother (who spent 6-7 months living in Germany last year) and Sanna (who is German and lives in Austria) taught us how to properly dance to it, though we mostly spent the whole time making fun of it.  Our favorite move of the evening: my brother teaching us how to dance like a tyrannosaurus, with guns, and act like you have Parkinson's.  Awesome.

I have class this week, and then break next week.  I need a break, already.  I'm tired (well, especially today, because I barely slept last night).  I have reading to do for tomorrow morning, which I haven't done yet (well, except for like 15 pages, but I still have another 25 to go).  I also have 60 or so pages due for Tuesday, plus 500 words of writing and posting on the discussion board, and then for Wednesday I have to go to the museum (shouldn't take long, though), which means I should get my homework for Tuesday done tomorrow night (I have all day).  I'm not going to my internship this week... I have too much to do! 

I'm hoping over break I have time to start my papers.  I have a lot to do...

  1. Seminar in art history: I can write it on anything.  So, I've decided to do it on a few pieces from the MFA of reliefs from Amarna.  I'm going to write about the stylistic change during the reign of Akhenaten, and its lasting effect on the art of Egypt. 
  2. History of archaeological thought: Also can write on anything.  I'm writing on the history of archaeological excavation in the Valley of the Kings (there's a method to the madness of my choice of papers).  I'm going to write about how colonialism has effected interpretations of Egyptian art and collecting by the West.
  3. Caribbean archaeology: I'm writing on the prehistoric and historic excavation of St. Lucia.  I don't quite know where I'm going with that one yet.
  4. Museums and public culture: I'm going to do a museum ethnography of the Robert S. Peabody museum of archaeology (as long as I can get permission).  It's got to be 18-20 pages... yeesh.

So, yeah, a lot of work.  It's... madness right now.  Ahhhhhh.... I should probably email the director of the RS Peabody now. Haha. 

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