Thursday, February 5, 2009


So today I got a good email.

I had gotten an email from UC-London the other day saying that they had my application in the department and were sending it off to the appropriate faculty to be considered.


I got an email today asking me if I would be available for a phone interview on February 23rd.



So, needless to say, I'm wicked excited. And nervous! I guess it's a good sign that they want to do an interview and didn't just toss my application out... I'm hoping that means that I've got a good chance to get in. I've only heard from the comparative art and archaeology program that I applied to there, not the Egyptian archaeology I applied to. (fyi-zies of links at the bottom, if you're interested or whatever.)

I'm hoping I hear back from Penn State and UMass Amherst soon. I'm sending my application in to Leiden like, tomorrow, which is totally terrifying.

I seriously want to go to London, by the way. Holy crap.

My friend Sanna is coming to stay with me from Vienna (as in Austria) tomorrow for... ?? a little while at least. I'm excited to see her! Hopefully my cats won't bother her too much. AND my brother is coming up from Rhode Island to hang out tomorrow, which is exciting.

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