Monday, March 2, 2009

an update.

<--- Grumpy dog. 

I should seriously be doing homework right now. But, alas, I'm not. HA. Take THAT, homework.

A recap of recent events: 

1. So I got in.  Provisionally. I have a lower than average GPA ( I didn't go to class fall 2006 because of some... personal problems, first and foremost being the loss of my aunt and Tom all within a short amount of time.)... my total GPA is up to a 2.93 (from a 1.06! hah!), but my GPA for the last 4 semesters has been about a 3.7... The head of the department interviewed me, and was really impressed by me.  He wants me there in the fall, and I want to be there.  He said that I can go to Egypt (!!!!!!!!!!) and write my dissertation on the Amarna period (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). I'm freaking out. I'm trying not to totally freak out until I get that formal acceptance letter. 

2. I'm still waiting to hear back from everyone else. It's frustrating. It's been almost 2 months since the Penn State application was due.  That's a long time.  I know that it's a PhD program and stuff, and there's money involved (assistantships/fellowships/etc), but seriously. 2 months! Good gravy.  UMass is just as bad. Dang.  I'd like to get into at least one other program so I don't have all of my eggs in the London basket (though London is totally where I want to be).

3. I seriously have some of the greatest friends.  I've been expanding my social circle recently, trying to hang out with people that are like me and don't drink or do all that stupid stuff all the time. It's been really great.

4.  I've been procrastinating, big time.  I need to buckle down starting this week and really get my shit together and make an honest effort to write papers.  I've got all of my research done for 2 of them, and some of the research done for the other two.  Tomorrow I'm interning at the library, and Thursday I'm going down to the Robert S Peabody Museum of Archaeology to begin my museum ethnography paper (the massive 20 page paper due at the end of the semester).  

5.  It snowed here last night and today... a lot. Like a foot. Lame.  I can't complain, I didn't have school again and it was nice to have the day off to read and stuff.  

6.  My little crush has turned into a full-blown like, and it's terrible.  I can't.... bring myself to admit to it, because it's risky and I'm not sure that he would be at all interested OR it could make things weird.  I suck at things like that. Big time. 

Ok, time to actually do work, if Lemmy will let me (he's grumpy).

London in 17 days! Holy crap!