Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry day

i'm not very religious (actually, at all) so i always feel weird saying "merry christmas".

i had a good day with my parents though. it was weird without my brother here. not the same!

here's some shoe sex for you all.

guh. i am getting a pair of these on wednesday:

perfect for the maine winter!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

i am not a particularly christmasy person.

i don't feel very christmasy usually. this year i am especially in a grouchy mood. i don't have the money i would like to to get everyone stuff, there's places in the world i'd rather be (really anywhere but here right now).  i also have been completely sidetracked by my finals being this week. i had 3 huge papers due (2 of them ended up being nearly 30 pages long with figures, about 20 pages each of text).  it's just been kind of blah.

i miss the guy. i'm not over it (obviously). sometimes i think i'm doing ok, and then i stop being busy and i'm alone with myself and i break down. i love him and christmas without him is going to blowww.

anyway, to try to encourage my christmas spirit, i got myself a little christmas tree tonight. it's ridiculous.

why yes, it is ridiculous and bright (and i mean BRIGHT) blue. 

to go with it i also picked up this crazy cherry ornament and hot pink pine cones. i figured it would go with my 50s kitschy table. the lights are also pink! 

it did brighten my holiday mood a bit. i am making pretty much everyone (except my parents and brother's) christmas presents. everyone is getting christmas goodies. i'm in the process of making homemade, from scratch christmas cookies right now, and i will make my famous chocolate peanut butter balls later this week. they are crazy delicious and decadent (and a big pain in the ass, hence why i pretty much only do them once a year).  i'm making my girlfriends each little gifts that are either crocheted or sewn (but since i don't know if they read my blog, that will be a secret til after xmas). 

hopefully my new year gets a bit brighter. 

Friday, December 10, 2010


so i posted a tutorial on youtube to show how i pin curl my hair.  i do an elevated pin curl set, instead of the traditional flat pin curls. i find that it works waaaay better on my very thick and very long hair than the traditional pin curl.

to get it to look like this:

i have to first do this

and this

Monday, December 6, 2010

oh yes.

bedroom redo, with some new stuff from ikea. 

my grampy died at the end of october. my grammy gave me all his old records, mostly old country and a lot of old elvis. so good. also: vintage polaroid land camera and my minolta from the 60s that still works and takes awesome pics. 

closeup of the curtain in my bedroom.

catrine trying to be helpful. 

and the most important part... my friend gave me a vintage 50s formica table! it's beautiful! i'm so in love with it. it had a little rust and wear on it, so i used some steel wool to buff it out. there's some deep rust on the bottom of the legs, so i'm wondering if i can get a chrome paint or something to put on it... hm. or if there's a good rust remover or something like that that won't eat away the metal. the red chairs are also from ikea. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

pin curl set... i did elevated pin curls, which actually turned out a lot better than the traditional ones for me. i think i'll be trying this more often.

Monday, November 22, 2010

oh hello.

i'm procrastinating. i should be working on homework. instead i'm watching the saturday night live with bettie white on it (i love her. who doesn't!?). 

here's some photos of recent events.

i got a really cute 50s house dress from a great vintage/used clothing shop in town.  i need to do a lot of altering on it, but i loved the pattern and shape so much that i couldn't help myself. i need to let it out a little bit, especially in the chest. and the arm holes are weird (and many of the seams are coming undone).  but it's really cute. i put new buttons on it already. it had a bunch of mismatched and broken bakelite buttons on it. i had these adorable glass shell-shaped buttons in a dark navy that matched perfectly.

a recent night out with my friends. i look kinda... pregnant? in this pic, but there was a fan on me blowing my dress in a weird way. but you can see how damn long my hair is getting! it's curled in this pic, so straight it's down even further! crazy! 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

photo-heavy hair post!

ah... so i haven't posted in a while. but here goes.

so i hardly ever do wet sets anymore. my hair is basically too long for them to look right at this point (straight, it's down to the middle of my back)... my hair is also very thick, which means that it tends to get rat's nest-y really easily now.

so i fake it! i've figured out ways to fake the pin curl look without actually pin curling my hair. a lot of it has to do with timing.

1. please don't mind the lack of makeup, or that my bangs aren't done.
curling your hair with a flat iron is a really nice look... a lot of girls do it in a way that gives them really tight curls.  they tend to last a long time, and look nice and shiny.  i curl my hair usually the night before, which is integral in making it look like i have pin curled it. i don't really like my hair with tight pin curls anyway... my favorite look is the 2nd day pin curl set. this is mostly because my hair is SO thick, the first day it can be very very tent-like (and reminds me of my junior high years when i had hair that made me look like a wookie.) 

ANYWAY, i grab about an inch of hair and start the curl about 4 inches from my head. this actually makes it so the curl starts to form about 6 inches from my head (because of the twisting of the iron). i use a 1" iron to do this, and one that goes SUPER hot. i have a Biosilk iron... Chi of course also makes a good one.  it's also important that you use some sort of heat protective product while you're doing this. i use the chi iron spray... this not only keeps your hair from getting fried (and i heat style my hair about every other day so this is important!), but it also actually helps set the curl. i don't use much hairspray (if any).

i make sure i'm curling all in the same direction from my head. this will keep the curls uniform and also make sure that they are going to create the nice wavy look the next day.

so! i sleep on my curls (this really only works if it's not super humid out and you're not a sweaty sleeper).

in the morning, i brush my hair like i would brush out a pin curl set (check youtube for a video of how to do this properly!). the hair is super soft, movable, and doesn't get all ratty like a pin curl set does on me. i might give it a squirt of flexible hold hairspray if i feel like it.

2. the other option is using a tapered curling iron.  if i'm trying to fake a pin curl look, i will start at the base of the hair and roll up (not at the root like you usually use a tapered iron!!!!!). i do the same kind of technique, following a similar pattern all the way around. again, i sleep on it (unless i'm doing it in the morning in preparation for going out later in the night... same idea, though i won't brush it out in the morning, i'll just walk around all day looking like Pollyanna... or,  put my hair up in a bandanna).

so yah. i'll post some pics of what this looks like when i brush it out tomorrow. if i remember. which lately means there's about a 75% chance that i'm not going to remember.

here are some photos of halloween. i went with my 2 queer besties (who were sailors named "DA" and "DT"... as in don't ask, don't tell)... i went as a zombie pinup. basically out of laziness and the fact that i could just wear what i already own.  excuse the crappy picture quality... the forward facing camera of the iphone 4 is kinda grainy.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

things have been tough.

things have been pretty rough for me lately. my boyfriend of a year and a half and i split up... he doesn't love me... he says it's his issue with not being able to connect to people, which i believe, but it still doesn't give me that sinking awful feeling of rejection. i love him more than anyone i have before.

i don't know if this breakup will stick. things are complicated...

other than that, i am in grad school full time, working as a teaching assistant and working at a map library as an assistant cataloger and working on a special project analyzing 15th and 16th century map cartouches.  really busy, really stressed and now really really sad. ugh.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

just kidding!

i'm posting now :)

so a while ago (as in like more than a month ago) i said i'd do a post about antique buttons... so here it is.

buttons can be curious things. i really like them, and have a fairly sizable collection of them.  they really can make any vintage inspired piece of clothing you make, and can really help you date an item.

first and foremost are bone buttons.  they are probably the earliest buttons you can find and were prevalent over several centuries, anywhere from the 17th to the 20th and probably even earlier in europe. 

bone has a distinctive look to it, especially aged bone.  it is anywhere from a creamy color to a light tan, depending upon its age and how it was treated initially.  old bone can be quite fragile and should be handled with care.  bone buttons tend to be very simple in shape, with little to no decoration on the button itself.  the oldest bone buttons will have 2 holes, while from the 19th century onward they will have 4 holes.  a good way to distinguish between bone and plastic is the archaeologist's favorite tool: put it in your mouth. specifically, lightly bite it with your teeth.  you don't want to chomp down on the thing (especially if it is bone, as you will get a nasty surprise), but lightly rubbing your teeth on it can help you distinguish it.  a plastic button will be significantly harder, whereas a bone button will have an amount of give. it's hard to describe what exactly this will feel like to another person, but it will be obvious.

second in age, and still very popular, are mother of pearl/shell buttons. 
these buttons come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, and can be any color from a pearlescent white to a dark purplish brown.  they can be simple 2 holed buttons (generally earlier) to a carved button with 4 holes.  they tend to be quite hardy buttons and hold up well over time, although older shell buttons can easily break down if they are thin or have not been kept in the best condition.  these buttons will have a feeling on your teeth much like your tooth enamel (if you've ever had a poor high school makeout session and clonked teeth with another person then you will know how that feels).  they make a slight ring when they hit your tooth.


ahh, bakelite... every vintage lovers favorite! (well maybe not every... but you know) bakelite buttons come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and uses. they could be very simple or very ornately carved, much like their bangle bracelet counterparts.  i'm a big fan of using bakelite buttons on new garments that i have constructed to look vintage... they are super cute and no modern buttons can come close to the lovely colors you find them in (i'm crazy about that rusty red and that lovely green button in this photo).  bakelite has a distinctive look to it... as well as a smell. my aunt taught me the rub and sniff test at a young age with bakelite. i can't describe what bakelite smells like, but it is definitely distinctive (sort of musty plasticy smell). bakelite was only really used in the early to mid 20th century, and as such it should be on garments that coincide with that time period.

i'd say that's enough for tonight. i will continue with ceramic and glass buttons tomorrow, as well as some examples of garment specific buttons.

Friday, September 3, 2010

i'm a terrible blogger

i seriously suck at blogging... all summer i felt kind of uninspired. now i'm back in school, back to doing my things. i promise i will get better at blogging... tomorrow, i will write! i swear!

Monday, July 12, 2010

i have an etsy shop!

i am going to be crocheting some cute little gadget cases. check out my shop and i will totally hook you up with stuff to keep your stuff protected!

Kate's Shop

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

bad blogger! bad!

i am a bad blogger. i've been so busy lately that i just keep forgetting to post... i've been reading all my faves though!

new things:
i cut my hair. i have bangs now! i like them.

i've been sewing a lot. i made a baby quilt and some quilted bibs for my best friend (who lives soooo far away in north carolina and is pregnant with her and her husband's first. he's in the marines and she and baby wyatt will be moving home in december, when her husband goes on deployment again. i can't wait, because i'm selfish like that.)

i've also been painting a lot. i have an art show friday at work, which will hopefully allow me to sell some stuff!

i bought some cute stuff on etsy a couple of days ago (at 2 am... insomnia does bad things to my checking account.) i think the second one i'm going to alter. i don't generally like the look of maxi dresses on me (i'm short and curvy... i think they make me look wider and shorter.) i think i may alter it to hem to the knee and then maybe take what's left of the bottom and make a wide belt around the waist so it doesn't hang like a bag. i'm in love with the print and the neckline though! now i just need shoes to go with it... ;)

i also had a very successful day shopping yesterday. i ALMOST bought 3 outfits at the thrift store. each was anywhere between $6 and $10... one was a  mod shift dress with adorable pockets, another was a late 60s button up dress that had never been worn. i decided not to spend all of my money on polyester clothing and to just buy the cutest dress, which would be this one! (don't mind my annoyed cat and the crappy quality of the photo). it's a super cute 70s wrap dress! it had the tags still on it too. it's perfect on me (plenty of room for the ladies, if you know what i mean. i'm a bit... err... top heavy. which means i have some troubles fitting into a lot of vintage clothing because the girls don't cooperate). it was $7!

anyway, i'll do my button post today. promise. i will learn you all about antique and vintage buttons! (being an archaeologist, i know about these things you know. bottles, too!)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

i suck at blogging!

here's a photo of my new hair. well, bangs. and some rolls. you know. dancing night with my favorites.  it's gay pride week in maine. happy gay pride, buddies! i'm going to go dance to gaga with my favorite queers/homos/gays/fabulous boys, (whatever term they prefer) while my sexy boy djs. tomorrow (if i can remember) i will write a post about antique/vintage buttons!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i haven't posted in a month. how did that happen!?

sorry it's been so long since i've posted.  it seems like ages! i've been crazy busy and so much has happened in the past month.  i've been spending lots of time with my handsome boyfriend, lots of time with my lovely friends and also dealt with a lot of bullshit.

here's a list of what's been going on:

  • my little brother is moving to north carolina.  while he lives about 4 hours away from me now (in southern rhode island), he will be moving like 16 hours away to raleigh, north carolina. it was a sudden decision based upon following a girl. i hope he does alright down there... my best friend is living in north carolina right now at fort bragg (her husband is a marine). perhaps a road trip is in my future?  
  • i cut my hair. i now have bangs for the first time like 5 years.  they're blunt and thick across my forehead.  
  • work has been insane.  we had a bunch of drama (as in, televised big time fbi homeland security type drama) happen last week and well... yeah. sucks.
  • i start grad school in just a few months! and that, i am very happy to start! 
  • i've been doing lots of dancing. lots. 
i guess i don't have much to post. because i'm at my boy's house right now, i can't post any photos. they're on my computer. but soon! i will post hair pics! hurray. 

Saturday, April 17, 2010

it's been like 20 years since i posted!

blah, things have been all sorts of crazy for me the last week or two.  lots of working, lots of social obligations, some emotional ups and downs... yeesh.  i have today off, and tomorrow is my first day of 7 days in a row of work (ugh). 

today i went to a flea market near my house, and i got some awesome vintage stuff. i wish i had brought more money with me, as there was this adorable 40s dress for like $10. it probably was way too small in the chest for me (i'm a bit... top heavy), but i figured maybe i could resell it on ebay and make a few bucks. i did, however, get this cute 50s sweater. i think it was definitely a man's sweater, as it fits a little weird in the shoulders and is a tiny bit big on me. i had originally bought it for the man, but he's tall and it was too small on him. i he suggested a black pencil skirt would look adorable with it (he's swell <3). 

anyway, here are some photos from my recent hair adventures.  don't mind the creepy face in the red dress. i was tired.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

the women

"the women"

no wonder joan crawford was such a psycho. can you imagine sitting like that for hours!?

i don't know if anyone has ever seen the movie "the women" (1939), but it is aaa-mazing. seriously, if not for the HAIR alone. i nearly died through the whole movie wishing i could do those things to my hair! i've been debating for a while whether or not to cut some of it. i love doing vintage styles, but i also love my long hair. it's about down to the bottom of my shoulder blades right now. i have naturally super thick hair, and it's got a fair amount of wave to it... i like to call it schizophrenic, because parts of my hair will be straight and other parts will be super wavy, almost ringlets.

so the women is this movie (unlike the crappy movie the women that came out a few years ago) that doesn't have a single man actually in it, though it is basically all about relationships and marriage. it stars rosalind russell, joan crawford and norma shearer. we have this great video store in portland (maine, not the other one!) where i live that has an excellent classic movie section. they have specials where if you rent a new release, you can pick out another movie from the other sections (different sections for different days of the week). i got this on a whim and i was pleasantly surprised!

there are some great scenes that take place inside a chic salon in new york. lots of chatty women getting all sorts of good stuff done to their hair (marcel waving, pin curls, lots of fun hairstyles!) and a GREAT fashion show inexplicably in color... there are some amazingly ridiculous clothes).

i won't give away the plot, but let's just say that the women are catty, nasty bitches (most of them) and a lot of it reflects the way that women do really treat each other... some of the themes (like staying with your husband even if he fucks around on you) are a little... old fashioned? but most of the ideas about relationships and sex are still as true today as they were 70 years ago.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a quick photo post

i'm about to run out the door to go see alice in wonderland in 3d (!!!)... here's some photos.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


day off today. found out that i got my entire tuition waved for my master's degree!!!!! ha! win!

other than that, this is my hair. with a day 2 pincurl set. could've been better but i think it's kind of cute considering i was just running errands (like the doctor, etc) today. i'll upload a better photo tomorrow when i'm not too tired to move from under the covers

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

can i just briefly say

ugh, i have shitty upstairs neighbors. it took me about 30 minutes to pincurl my massive head of very long, thick wavy hair tonight, and for that entire duration there were various men stomping up and down the stairs and laughing in the hallway. it's a 3 unit building. there they go again. it is almost 1 in the morning here. it's monday!

i have almost had enough to go up there, head full of pincurls wearing my silk scarf (fabulous vintage silk scarf from my great aunt, mind you) and giving someone a piece of my mind! to make matters worse, these girls seem like they are of the "loose morals" types- i'll let you infer the meaning of that. when they get lucky, my apartment SHAKES. seriously. and they wear heels inside all day long. i'm all for a fabulous pair of shoes (of course), but wouldn't you want to have SOME respect for your neighbors? what the hell!

Monday, March 15, 2010

good grief!

i finally am getting back to the land of the internet living. we were without internet for about a week, just getting it on friday... then i spent much of the weekend working and spending my time with the boy, so i haven't had a chance to post.

work has been ridiculously busy and a bit stressful, so i feel exhausted all the time. we framed a 4' by 8' (!!!!!!) charcoal drawing yesterday, which weighed about 100 lbs (would've been more if we hadn't used plexiglass) and with the moulding stood over 9 feet tall. crazy. we're going to be doing a civil war era flag in the next few weeks as well. lots of special projects that take all day. sheesh.

the reverend horton heat is playing here in may, which i am super happy about. i lovvve him. my bestie fred and i are going to get dressed up and go together, and i think the boy is either working there that night or going to come as well. good times.

anywayyyys, the other night was my favorite haunt's 27th anniversary show. i got all dolled up, and i wish i had taken a head to toe picture of my outfit and hair. either way, here's a shot of my girl sarah and i (i'm in the red. obviously.) then there's a photo of the boy who will never take a picture with me that's normal. he looked damn cute in his western shirt and cardigan.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

oh my.

moving tomorrow, craaap. so excited, but at the same time, i hattttte moving. but my apartment is totally 30s/40s, and it is super cute, which i am excited about. lots of charm and about a 3 minute drive/15 minute walk to work. THAT is super awesome.

i won't have internet probably til next week, unless i can find a wireless signal somewhere in the neighborhood. we shall see!

here's a photo or two of recent hairdos. that first one is makeupless and just before bed. heh. the second is a pincurl set for a date night with my man.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


i am so sick. ugh! i have this bitchin' cough and an ear infection (because i'm 4 years old). and now i'm developing a sinus infection, because it's how i do. luckily yesterday i went to the er and got some antibiotics, so hopefully they'll kick this thing's butt.

i've missed 2 days of work this week. i HAVE to go in tomorrow and thursday. i can't afford not to work! damn it.
here's me when i was not sick. stupid sickness.