Tuesday, February 16, 2010

in other news...

here's what i look like on the day to day, on days that i have to work or that i'm just hanging out. i'm working as a custom picture framer, so i am on my feet all day and i need to wear stuff that a. won't get caught in a chop saw or a joiner and i'll kill myself 2. that i can easily wash to get sawdust, glue, and paper out of. (i'm so butch!).

don't mind the goofy look on my face and the photobooth quality. hah.

tshirt: gap $10
jeans: banana republic on clearance for $11.07 (SERIOUSLY!)
bracelets and flowers: h&m, $5 and $3

hair: curled with a flat iron (i use biosilk 1"), then did a simple large pincurl that i pinned to my head. a bit of hairspray and a comb through, and voila. nothing special. hah.

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