Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ohhh hey.

i put a pincurl set in a few minutes ago. i either use my fingers and curl it by hand or i use a 1" tube (my epi pen is the perfect size!) i did alternating directions of the curl (clockwise/counter clockwise) in hopes to get a nice wave. we'll see how it comes out tomorrow, hopefully it doesn't look heinous! here's a very awkward 7 am photo of myself the last pincurl set i put in.

tomorrow is my night for dancing. the boy djs 80s/retro/electropop (etc) night. i'll get my dancing on with my favorite people. friday i'm heading to boston for some time with my bestie, abby. hopefully we'll get some thrifting in. i need suggestions for good vintage shopping in the boston area!!!!

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