Saturday, March 27, 2010

the women

"the women"

no wonder joan crawford was such a psycho. can you imagine sitting like that for hours!?

i don't know if anyone has ever seen the movie "the women" (1939), but it is aaa-mazing. seriously, if not for the HAIR alone. i nearly died through the whole movie wishing i could do those things to my hair! i've been debating for a while whether or not to cut some of it. i love doing vintage styles, but i also love my long hair. it's about down to the bottom of my shoulder blades right now. i have naturally super thick hair, and it's got a fair amount of wave to it... i like to call it schizophrenic, because parts of my hair will be straight and other parts will be super wavy, almost ringlets.

so the women is this movie (unlike the crappy movie the women that came out a few years ago) that doesn't have a single man actually in it, though it is basically all about relationships and marriage. it stars rosalind russell, joan crawford and norma shearer. we have this great video store in portland (maine, not the other one!) where i live that has an excellent classic movie section. they have specials where if you rent a new release, you can pick out another movie from the other sections (different sections for different days of the week). i got this on a whim and i was pleasantly surprised!

there are some great scenes that take place inside a chic salon in new york. lots of chatty women getting all sorts of good stuff done to their hair (marcel waving, pin curls, lots of fun hairstyles!) and a GREAT fashion show inexplicably in color... there are some amazingly ridiculous clothes).

i won't give away the plot, but let's just say that the women are catty, nasty bitches (most of them) and a lot of it reflects the way that women do really treat each other... some of the themes (like staying with your husband even if he fucks around on you) are a little... old fashioned? but most of the ideas about relationships and sex are still as true today as they were 70 years ago.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a quick photo post

i'm about to run out the door to go see alice in wonderland in 3d (!!!)... here's some photos.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


day off today. found out that i got my entire tuition waved for my master's degree!!!!! ha! win!

other than that, this is my hair. with a day 2 pincurl set. could've been better but i think it's kind of cute considering i was just running errands (like the doctor, etc) today. i'll upload a better photo tomorrow when i'm not too tired to move from under the covers

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

can i just briefly say

ugh, i have shitty upstairs neighbors. it took me about 30 minutes to pincurl my massive head of very long, thick wavy hair tonight, and for that entire duration there were various men stomping up and down the stairs and laughing in the hallway. it's a 3 unit building. there they go again. it is almost 1 in the morning here. it's monday!

i have almost had enough to go up there, head full of pincurls wearing my silk scarf (fabulous vintage silk scarf from my great aunt, mind you) and giving someone a piece of my mind! to make matters worse, these girls seem like they are of the "loose morals" types- i'll let you infer the meaning of that. when they get lucky, my apartment SHAKES. seriously. and they wear heels inside all day long. i'm all for a fabulous pair of shoes (of course), but wouldn't you want to have SOME respect for your neighbors? what the hell!

Monday, March 15, 2010

good grief!

i finally am getting back to the land of the internet living. we were without internet for about a week, just getting it on friday... then i spent much of the weekend working and spending my time with the boy, so i haven't had a chance to post.

work has been ridiculously busy and a bit stressful, so i feel exhausted all the time. we framed a 4' by 8' (!!!!!!) charcoal drawing yesterday, which weighed about 100 lbs (would've been more if we hadn't used plexiglass) and with the moulding stood over 9 feet tall. crazy. we're going to be doing a civil war era flag in the next few weeks as well. lots of special projects that take all day. sheesh.

the reverend horton heat is playing here in may, which i am super happy about. i lovvve him. my bestie fred and i are going to get dressed up and go together, and i think the boy is either working there that night or going to come as well. good times.

anywayyyys, the other night was my favorite haunt's 27th anniversary show. i got all dolled up, and i wish i had taken a head to toe picture of my outfit and hair. either way, here's a shot of my girl sarah and i (i'm in the red. obviously.) then there's a photo of the boy who will never take a picture with me that's normal. he looked damn cute in his western shirt and cardigan.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

oh my.

moving tomorrow, craaap. so excited, but at the same time, i hattttte moving. but my apartment is totally 30s/40s, and it is super cute, which i am excited about. lots of charm and about a 3 minute drive/15 minute walk to work. THAT is super awesome.

i won't have internet probably til next week, unless i can find a wireless signal somewhere in the neighborhood. we shall see!

here's a photo or two of recent hairdos. that first one is makeupless and just before bed. heh. the second is a pincurl set for a date night with my man.