Tuesday, March 16, 2010

can i just briefly say

ugh, i have shitty upstairs neighbors. it took me about 30 minutes to pincurl my massive head of very long, thick wavy hair tonight, and for that entire duration there were various men stomping up and down the stairs and laughing in the hallway. it's a 3 unit building. there they go again. it is almost 1 in the morning here. it's monday!

i have almost had enough to go up there, head full of pincurls wearing my silk scarf (fabulous vintage silk scarf from my great aunt, mind you) and giving someone a piece of my mind! to make matters worse, these girls seem like they are of the "loose morals" types- i'll let you infer the meaning of that. when they get lucky, my apartment SHAKES. seriously. and they wear heels inside all day long. i'm all for a fabulous pair of shoes (of course), but wouldn't you want to have SOME respect for your neighbors? what the hell!

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