Monday, March 15, 2010

good grief!

i finally am getting back to the land of the internet living. we were without internet for about a week, just getting it on friday... then i spent much of the weekend working and spending my time with the boy, so i haven't had a chance to post.

work has been ridiculously busy and a bit stressful, so i feel exhausted all the time. we framed a 4' by 8' (!!!!!!) charcoal drawing yesterday, which weighed about 100 lbs (would've been more if we hadn't used plexiglass) and with the moulding stood over 9 feet tall. crazy. we're going to be doing a civil war era flag in the next few weeks as well. lots of special projects that take all day. sheesh.

the reverend horton heat is playing here in may, which i am super happy about. i lovvve him. my bestie fred and i are going to get dressed up and go together, and i think the boy is either working there that night or going to come as well. good times.

anywayyyys, the other night was my favorite haunt's 27th anniversary show. i got all dolled up, and i wish i had taken a head to toe picture of my outfit and hair. either way, here's a shot of my girl sarah and i (i'm in the red. obviously.) then there's a photo of the boy who will never take a picture with me that's normal. he looked damn cute in his western shirt and cardigan.

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