Tuesday, June 29, 2010

bad blogger! bad!

i am a bad blogger. i've been so busy lately that i just keep forgetting to post... i've been reading all my faves though!

new things:
i cut my hair. i have bangs now! i like them.

i've been sewing a lot. i made a baby quilt and some quilted bibs for my best friend (who lives soooo far away in north carolina and is pregnant with her and her husband's first. he's in the marines and she and baby wyatt will be moving home in december, when her husband goes on deployment again. i can't wait, because i'm selfish like that.)

i've also been painting a lot. i have an art show friday at work, which will hopefully allow me to sell some stuff!

i bought some cute stuff on etsy a couple of days ago (at 2 am... insomnia does bad things to my checking account.) i think the second one i'm going to alter. i don't generally like the look of maxi dresses on me (i'm short and curvy... i think they make me look wider and shorter.) i think i may alter it to hem to the knee and then maybe take what's left of the bottom and make a wide belt around the waist so it doesn't hang like a bag. i'm in love with the print and the neckline though! now i just need shoes to go with it... ;)

i also had a very successful day shopping yesterday. i ALMOST bought 3 outfits at the thrift store. each was anywhere between $6 and $10... one was a  mod shift dress with adorable pockets, another was a late 60s button up dress that had never been worn. i decided not to spend all of my money on polyester clothing and to just buy the cutest dress, which would be this one! (don't mind my annoyed cat and the crappy quality of the photo). it's a super cute 70s wrap dress! it had the tags still on it too. it's perfect on me (plenty of room for the ladies, if you know what i mean. i'm a bit... err... top heavy. which means i have some troubles fitting into a lot of vintage clothing because the girls don't cooperate). it was $7!

anyway, i'll do my button post today. promise. i will learn you all about antique and vintage buttons! (being an archaeologist, i know about these things you know. bottles, too!)

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