Monday, November 22, 2010

oh hello.

i'm procrastinating. i should be working on homework. instead i'm watching the saturday night live with bettie white on it (i love her. who doesn't!?). 

here's some photos of recent events.

i got a really cute 50s house dress from a great vintage/used clothing shop in town.  i need to do a lot of altering on it, but i loved the pattern and shape so much that i couldn't help myself. i need to let it out a little bit, especially in the chest. and the arm holes are weird (and many of the seams are coming undone).  but it's really cute. i put new buttons on it already. it had a bunch of mismatched and broken bakelite buttons on it. i had these adorable glass shell-shaped buttons in a dark navy that matched perfectly.

a recent night out with my friends. i look kinda... pregnant? in this pic, but there was a fan on me blowing my dress in a weird way. but you can see how damn long my hair is getting! it's curled in this pic, so straight it's down even further! crazy! 

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