Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry day

i'm not very religious (actually, at all) so i always feel weird saying "merry christmas".

i had a good day with my parents though. it was weird without my brother here. not the same!

here's some shoe sex for you all.

guh. i am getting a pair of these on wednesday:

perfect for the maine winter!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

i am not a particularly christmasy person.

i don't feel very christmasy usually. this year i am especially in a grouchy mood. i don't have the money i would like to to get everyone stuff, there's places in the world i'd rather be (really anywhere but here right now).  i also have been completely sidetracked by my finals being this week. i had 3 huge papers due (2 of them ended up being nearly 30 pages long with figures, about 20 pages each of text).  it's just been kind of blah.

i miss the guy. i'm not over it (obviously). sometimes i think i'm doing ok, and then i stop being busy and i'm alone with myself and i break down. i love him and christmas without him is going to blowww.

anyway, to try to encourage my christmas spirit, i got myself a little christmas tree tonight. it's ridiculous.

why yes, it is ridiculous and bright (and i mean BRIGHT) blue. 

to go with it i also picked up this crazy cherry ornament and hot pink pine cones. i figured it would go with my 50s kitschy table. the lights are also pink! 

it did brighten my holiday mood a bit. i am making pretty much everyone (except my parents and brother's) christmas presents. everyone is getting christmas goodies. i'm in the process of making homemade, from scratch christmas cookies right now, and i will make my famous chocolate peanut butter balls later this week. they are crazy delicious and decadent (and a big pain in the ass, hence why i pretty much only do them once a year).  i'm making my girlfriends each little gifts that are either crocheted or sewn (but since i don't know if they read my blog, that will be a secret til after xmas). 

hopefully my new year gets a bit brighter. 

Friday, December 10, 2010


so i posted a tutorial on youtube to show how i pin curl my hair.  i do an elevated pin curl set, instead of the traditional flat pin curls. i find that it works waaaay better on my very thick and very long hair than the traditional pin curl.

to get it to look like this:

i have to first do this

and this

Monday, December 6, 2010

oh yes.

bedroom redo, with some new stuff from ikea. 

my grampy died at the end of october. my grammy gave me all his old records, mostly old country and a lot of old elvis. so good. also: vintage polaroid land camera and my minolta from the 60s that still works and takes awesome pics. 

closeup of the curtain in my bedroom.

catrine trying to be helpful. 

and the most important part... my friend gave me a vintage 50s formica table! it's beautiful! i'm so in love with it. it had a little rust and wear on it, so i used some steel wool to buff it out. there's some deep rust on the bottom of the legs, so i'm wondering if i can get a chrome paint or something to put on it... hm. or if there's a good rust remover or something like that that won't eat away the metal. the red chairs are also from ikea. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

pin curl set... i did elevated pin curls, which actually turned out a lot better than the traditional ones for me. i think i'll be trying this more often.