Thursday, December 16, 2010

i am not a particularly christmasy person.

i don't feel very christmasy usually. this year i am especially in a grouchy mood. i don't have the money i would like to to get everyone stuff, there's places in the world i'd rather be (really anywhere but here right now).  i also have been completely sidetracked by my finals being this week. i had 3 huge papers due (2 of them ended up being nearly 30 pages long with figures, about 20 pages each of text).  it's just been kind of blah.

i miss the guy. i'm not over it (obviously). sometimes i think i'm doing ok, and then i stop being busy and i'm alone with myself and i break down. i love him and christmas without him is going to blowww.

anyway, to try to encourage my christmas spirit, i got myself a little christmas tree tonight. it's ridiculous.

why yes, it is ridiculous and bright (and i mean BRIGHT) blue. 

to go with it i also picked up this crazy cherry ornament and hot pink pine cones. i figured it would go with my 50s kitschy table. the lights are also pink! 

it did brighten my holiday mood a bit. i am making pretty much everyone (except my parents and brother's) christmas presents. everyone is getting christmas goodies. i'm in the process of making homemade, from scratch christmas cookies right now, and i will make my famous chocolate peanut butter balls later this week. they are crazy delicious and decadent (and a big pain in the ass, hence why i pretty much only do them once a year).  i'm making my girlfriends each little gifts that are either crocheted or sewn (but since i don't know if they read my blog, that will be a secret til after xmas). 

hopefully my new year gets a bit brighter. 

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