Monday, December 6, 2010

oh yes.

bedroom redo, with some new stuff from ikea. 

my grampy died at the end of october. my grammy gave me all his old records, mostly old country and a lot of old elvis. so good. also: vintage polaroid land camera and my minolta from the 60s that still works and takes awesome pics. 

closeup of the curtain in my bedroom.

catrine trying to be helpful. 

and the most important part... my friend gave me a vintage 50s formica table! it's beautiful! i'm so in love with it. it had a little rust and wear on it, so i used some steel wool to buff it out. there's some deep rust on the bottom of the legs, so i'm wondering if i can get a chrome paint or something to put on it... hm. or if there's a good rust remover or something like that that won't eat away the metal. the red chairs are also from ikea. 

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