Thursday, September 22, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011


i need to sell some things. so that i can buy more things for myself, because it's fall and i like sweaters. SOOOOO from now until september 30, i'll be having a 25% off sale everything in my shop. things like this cute swirl dress (zomg)

and this super cute patio/squaw dress set

and plenty of cute shoes, accessories and plenty of other vintage dresses to keep you cute this fall season! lots of larger sizes as well. xoxo

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

terrible blog upkeep and a vintage inspired kinda secret garden wedding.

i'm sorry i post so infrequently... this summer has been a bit crazy with trying to work on my master's thesis (requiring quite a few trips to various archival places), and several archaeological excavations requiring time away from the computer and into the sun! i do more frequently tumblr, so you can follow me on there if you feel so inclined (though i mostly reblog adorable photos of pretty ladies and kitties) vintage love

the other thing that completely occupied me was the wedding of my very best friend daise. daise and i met on the very first day of kindergarten. we will both be turning 28 this fall, so that gives you an idea of how long we have been besties! through thick and thin, she has been my rock, and we are like sisters. her family is mine and vice versa. this will be a bit of a photo-heavy post, to warn you in advance!

the bridal shower
so because our families are so close, and live in the same town, my mother threw daise her bridal shower at the end of july. i baked a cake, and we made a ton of food.

i baked a cake and i crocheted 25 hair flowers in the colors of her wedding- orange, yellow, green (and i threw in a few blue ones for good measure).

the bachelorette
so for her bachelorette i decided that i'd surprise her. we took a trip to the new england aquarium during the day (daise lovesssss fish), had a french brunch, then a fantastic vegetarian dinner at the red lentil, then went to a drag show! it was sooo fun and funny. a great time was had by all!

the wedding
daise's mom is an accomplished seamstress and made her wedding dress and the flower girl dress. aleta, daise's sister, and i ordered our dresses on etsy at time machine vintage. it was a gorgeous wedding, and a ton of work. i did all of the hair and makeup for the three of us as well.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

just a little fyi:

i'm having a 20% off sale everything in my shop(even stuff that's already reduced!). enter "SUMMERSALE" at checkout <3

Thursday, June 30, 2011

oh yah.

quickly, i did this silly little tutorial. i will try to post actual photos of what this hairstyle looks like when i have someone who can photograph the back of my head, for i... suck at that. haha.

i suck at blogging.

i have been too busy with a really wonderful rockabilly boy and my life to be blogging much. however, as a shop update:

vintage Swirl brand wrap dress from the 60s, size small to large, floral with great details!

adorable pink rockabilly dress xl

lots of other cute goodies up in my shot, including some bullet bras and a squaw skirt and top set in a variety of sizes in my shop!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

a product review.

so, i recently made a trip to ulta to pick up a few makeup necessities. they had a sale on nyx (i think it was a buy 2 get 1 free). i was perusing the selection and saw this stuff called "soft matte lip cream". i was in the market for some lip something other than lipstick. i have to admit most days i'm really lazy and don't bother to line my lips, which can lead to some unfortunate incidents. i said "what the hell!" and decided to try it.

so this is what it looks like in the tube. i bought in the color "amsterdam".

it comes with an applicator similar to a lipgloss applicator but looks thick, like lipstick.

i applied a single coat at first without any kind of liner or primer. it goes on really slick like a lipgloss. it has a very good amount of pigment in it and i was surprised that i only really needed one coat. it is still very smudgeable in the first few minutes, so i found it was best not to mess with it for a few minutes. after a few minutes i applied a light second coat so that it was very bright.

overall, i really like the look. it gives the appearance of a matte lipstick but just a lot quicker. i'm all for being prepared for the surprise occasion to get dressed up (and always have a pair of heels in my car), so this stuff is ideal. my only complaint is that it definitely does not have the staying power of regular lipstick... eat anything and it's pretty much gone. but that's a small price to pay, i think. plus, it's only about $6US. like, seriously. why wouldn't you need it? i might go grab some other colors soon!

also, i have a bunch of cute stuff up in my etsy shop...

including a bunch of really adorable deadstock 50s/60s blouses. you should probably check them out. just saying.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

some recent outfits and thrifting sucesses.

i've been part of the epic winning team of thrifting lately. holy moly. i've also scored some goodies on ebay/etsy.

part one: the sad story of a Swirl
so, i lost an auction for an adorable swirl on ebay that i desperately wanted because i wasn't paying attention (it ended up going for $37. hate. life.) so i got mad and decided to buy another swirl instead. i found this really cute one for $48 on etsy. (i think it's a very late 50s or early 60s swirl based on the skirt length)

cute, right? wellll, when i got it, it only had one tie! how sad was i. (hint: really sad.) so i emailed the seller and pitched a bit of a fit (mostly stating "wtf how did you even tie it in the photo") and she was SOO nice. she said she really had no idea how the swirls actually worked (hence the cheap-ish price). she was kind enough to send me a new dress from her shop (i'll take a pic of it eventually) for free. soooo, on my way home from my parents', i stopped and picked up some bright yellow cotton and decided i'd make new straps for my swirl. i actually... almost like these even more than the original. they're so cute!

(these photos brought to you by kate, "i have a 700 dollar digital slr and i use my iphone" mcmahon. cough.)

this was the outfit i was wearing today (i got stared at at the mall like i was a crazy person. maybe i am. but i thought it was adorable.) i got the purse yesterday at savers for $9... it's so sweet and big enough for me. vintage late 40s or early 50s i think, based upon the tag. loves it. the skirt is a vintage malco modes square dancing skirt (70s??) i got on ebay for $9. super full and fun. the lace tank and little sweater are el-cheapos from old navy. the necklace is one of my faves, i bought it at a vintage shop in town. just a simple chain with two antique keys on it. i wore this with a pair of flat red espadrilles.

i wore this outfit to a barbeque the other weekend. the dress is a swirl from the 50s (blue gingham with rickrack), the purse is a vintage husk purse with raffia strawberries from the 50s i got when Art Deco Dame had a sale a month or so ago (i'm obsessed with wicker/husk/etc purses right now. can't. get. enough.) the cardigan is from old navy, and the bangles are vintage celluloid carved.

oh, and this is an update. remember that crazy thrifting day i had last week-ish? well, this is the yellow dress. vvvvvva-va-voom. my new manfriend person was a fan of this dress. a big fan.

so that's it. i got some other stuff. and there's some new fun things in my etsy shop. i should probably start using my camera more. sigh.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A very successful vintage-ing

I have had some extreme success in the vintage hunt lately. First, I found a Swirl dress on Etsy. Unfortunately, the seller didn't realize that the Swirls (at least the 60s Swirls) have two ties and it only had one... the other side was left to flop around! When I got it I was so sad :( Luckily, the seller was great and actually offered to send me anything else from her shop! So now I have a cute new dress coming, AND I still have the Swirl that I was able to fix. I made new ties out of yellow cotton. I actually think the yellow ties go PERFECTLY. Here are a couple of shots of it...

Thennnn, today I stopped at a thrift store on my way to my parents (to get said Swirl which got shipped there), and it was ah-mazing.

I got this for $5.
It's so perfectly 50s. The skirt is huge and almost a full circle. There is amazing detailing around the collar and buttons. I had to let it out a touch and move some things... but with some spanx/girdle action it's perfect! I can't wait to wear it on my date this weekend :)

The other spoils of my day:
a vintage leather camera bag. I think I'm going to use it as a makeup travel case.

A carved ivory necklace. I believe this is real ivory. The clasp at least is as I can see the grain of it. It's either ivory or celluloid (but I think it might be too heavy to be celluloid). Either way, it's vintage and cute. And it was cheap.

And my second favorite thing of the day... a vintage strawberry table set. Teapot, salt and pepper shakers and a sugar jar. How frigging cute will that look on my yellow formica table!? SO CUTE.

VINTAGE FOR THE WIN! fuck this crappy week, vintage helps.

Ps. I didn't JUST get stuff for myself... there's some new stuff up in my shop.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

a quick post

there's some new stuff up in my etsy shop, including a lovely new bathing suit from the 50s.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

quick update

i thought i'd share a quick update of a pic of me in my new dress where i'm actually dressed. it's obviously not full length, but you get the idea. i wore my coral flower with my new coral celluloid bracelet and another fake celluloid bangle i recently picked up at forever 21.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

successful vintaging.

i went to a flea market today with the intention of looking for stuff for my etsy shop. it ended up being more of a day for me finding vintage goodies for myself. dammit. here are a few crappy iphone photos of my stuff!

how adorable is this dress! i have no idea what decade it's from. it's not serged but it could just be handmade? i dont know. (excuse the frumpiness of my look)

flower detail!

"lydia pinkham's private textbook for ailments particular to women". this book is amazing, published between 1900 and 1915. it goes through women's particular problems, and prescribes lydia pinkham's tonics. awesome! (it was $6 and i couldnt help myself)

a page from a ladies catalog circa the late 19th century france. gorgeous!

celluloid bangle. it's actually more of a coral color and not bright orange. love!

Friday, April 15, 2011

more new stuff!

New stuff up in my etsy shop! new things include this awesome rust colored coat and a 50s/60s swim dress!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

hey ladies!

just wanted to stop in quickly and tell everyone i have a bunch of shoes up in my etsy shop right now... all vintage, all adorable! ranging in age from the 50s-80s (several cute 40s/50s inspired newer shoes).

a snail or two vintage and handmade

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i have a bitchin cold.

my body aches, my brains hurt, and my throat sucks. also, i can't hear out of my left ear.

the amount i feel crappy now is directly proportional to the amount of fun i had this weekend. so without too much talking i'll post some outfit photos and just shut up, because i can't think well enough to say anything else.

gay bar dancing attire. black circle skirt, v-neck lacy tank, vintage plaid cinch belt, red crinoline and fun leopard print wedges.

i sorta suck at getting actual outfit pics. i bought this dress on ebay... definitely vintage late 50s, a white eyelet wiggle dress. it's really cute, and it needed a bit of help. the zipper was broken in a weird way (like the fabric actually started to disintegrate and shred!) and it needed some seams fixed... the lining on this dress is some sort of fake satin and it's pretty crappy and falls apart easily. it didn't have serging (obviously) or pinking or anything... BUT i spent a few hours last weekend basting, zig zag stitching (stitch width of 1) and hand sewing and fixed it right up! looks perfect now :)
it came with the original belt but it's faux leather and is starting to crumble, so i wore it with a simple black cinch belt, back seam nude fishnets, and some ridiculously high heels.

ok... that's probably enough for now. maybe i'll post something more substantial later this week.

Monday, March 21, 2011

attention vintage loving ladies!

I have several vintage frocks up in my Etsy shop. Some really cute things from the 40s-70s! And cheap prices too ;) Check em out!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


i have the most wonderful friends... i spent the day with them and we went to fort williams in cape elizabeth, maine. it was wonderful. sometimes i forget that i live in such a beautiful place, and i hope i remember to take advantage of it more.

for more photos from our adventure, check out the flickr album