Sunday, February 20, 2011


i love cooking. and it's no secret amongst my friends, that i am an excellent cook.  i only say this assuredly because they never have a problem coming over to eat my food ;) i cook pretty much everything from scratch, whether it's cake or brownies, or breads. i don't like the idea of cooking from a box. unless it's tacos. tacos don't count. ;) (vegetarian, of course)

tomorrow i'm having my fabulous friends over for brunch. i've come up with quite the menu:
eggs scrambled with onion and scallion cream cheese (it's fresh, not the philadelphia brand of course)
homemade herb wheat bread (fresh rosemary, basil and oregano)
new mixed potatoes roasted with scallions and garlic
blueberry, blackberry, apple cobbler (see photos)

(taste test, of course)

tonight i also concocted a delicious soup. i had a hankering for parsnips (which, if you do not know, are a root vegetable similar to carrots.  they are white and less sweet and have a bit of a bite). parsnips grow throughout the winter in maine and are picked in the late winter/early spring. i haven't had them since last year and i desperately wanted some. 

ask, and you shall receive, because i found some at whole foods! i bought 2lbs without any idea of what i actually wanted to make with them (they are amazing roasted with maple syrup, which is the way my dad always makes them. my parents grow them every year, but because they live in a mountainous part of the state they still have about 2 feet of snow on the ground). 

the other day i saw a recipe for a vegan parsnip mushroom soup on a vegan cooking blog i follow, and i thought... parsnip soup! delicious! 

soooo, i looked at my pantry and decided to wing it. this is what i came up with, and a recipe follows:

about 2 lbs parsnips, peeled and cubed (about 6 large parsnips)
1 good size sweet potato, peeled and cubed
3 large cloves of garlic, diced
olive oil
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
3 tbs maple syrup
about 8 cups of vegetable broth

preheat oven to 450. cube parsnips and sweet potato, dice garlic.  put in a baking dish with olive oil, salt, pepper and cayenne pepper. mix well. roast for about 30-35 minutes, or until vegetables are tender (make sure they do not get burnt, you just want them to be soft and sweet). 

in a large pot, add roasted vegetables and broth.  add maple syrup.  broth should cover vegetables by about 2 inches (you can add more or less broth depending on your desired soup thickness). 

bring to a boil, then simmer for about 20 minutes.  blend with immersion blender. 

 vegetables roasted and ready to have broth added
 vegetable broth going in
 broth should cover veggies by about 2 inches
 after simmering for about 20 minutes, i used my immersion blender to get it nice and creamy. at this point you could add cream if you desired... i like it vegan though, keeps it healthy and tastes delicious. 

i added no salt after the initial roasting, because the broth already is salted and i like to keep the sodium down. just a dash of pepper on top (with my grilled cheese sammich).

i'll probably post pics of my food tomorrow. huzzah!

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