Wednesday, February 2, 2011

new things in my world.

life has been treating me well lately, i have to say. i've come out from underneath the burden of some of the heartbreak, though i would be remiss to admit to the fact that i still have moments when i pain and yearn. i don't much admit this to my friends, though i'm sure they know it. some moments, in weakness, i find myself wondering what happened and where things changed for me. i have been finally getting angry, though. mad that i felt so much love for someone who was incapable of loving me back... and angry at myself for putting effort into someone who never gave me the same effort back. hindsight is 20/20, though.

i have purchased some adorable vintage recently. some great finds cheaply on ebay and etsy, which always makes a girl feel lovely. i have some alterations to do to a few of them, some buttons that need to be mended, a new zipper and a skirt that needs to be taken in in the waist (a lot... maybe like 6"). most of the stuff is late 50s, which is fast becoming my favorite period. while i love the 40s/war era look, money and my body type prevent me from being able to find good pieces. my bust is rather large, and for whatever reason i find it to be a lot easier to find roomier busts in the "new look" pieces.

i am in desperate need of a hair cut. i have an appointment saturday and i'm terrified my ladyfriend hairdresser is going to tell me that i need to chop a bit off. it's to the middle of my back now, well past the bottom of my shoulder blades. i have been heat styling and doing wet sets a lot and it's pretty frigging split at the ends. i switched my shampoo/conditioner several months ago and i'm pretty sure that fucked it up. ah well.

here are a few recent pics... nothing special, some from new years, others from other nights.

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