Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i have a bitchin cold.

my body aches, my brains hurt, and my throat sucks. also, i can't hear out of my left ear.

the amount i feel crappy now is directly proportional to the amount of fun i had this weekend. so without too much talking i'll post some outfit photos and just shut up, because i can't think well enough to say anything else.

gay bar dancing attire. black circle skirt, v-neck lacy tank, vintage plaid cinch belt, red crinoline and fun leopard print wedges.

i sorta suck at getting actual outfit pics. i bought this dress on ebay... definitely vintage late 50s, a white eyelet wiggle dress. it's really cute, and it needed a bit of help. the zipper was broken in a weird way (like the fabric actually started to disintegrate and shred!) and it needed some seams fixed... the lining on this dress is some sort of fake satin and it's pretty crappy and falls apart easily. it didn't have serging (obviously) or pinking or anything... BUT i spent a few hours last weekend basting, zig zag stitching (stitch width of 1) and hand sewing and fixed it right up! looks perfect now :)
it came with the original belt but it's faux leather and is starting to crumble, so i wore it with a simple black cinch belt, back seam nude fishnets, and some ridiculously high heels.

ok... that's probably enough for now. maybe i'll post something more substantial later this week.

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