Tuesday, March 8, 2011

outfit post.

oh helllllo. i thought i'd make a quick outfit post. i got to school early with all my homework done (a novel concept!) so i thought i'd show you what i'm wearing.

a while back Solanah posted something about hating it when people go to the grocery store in sweatpants. unfortunately, lots of people took offense to this and attacked her for it. i think it was a GREAT post because it's something that is one of my biggest pet peeves. i'm a graduate student, but i've noticed the large number of undergrads (though i'm sure other grad students do it too) who show up to school in their pjs. i think that this is absolutely ridiculous! even when i was a lazy undergrad, i NEVER didn't go to school with at least jeans on (even in my 2002-2003 super punk rock phase that was left over from high school). back then i kind of just wanted to be "one of the guys"... my uniform was usually a pair of dark denim jeans, chucks, and a band tshirt i cut up in some way. i had short black hair that was spikey in the back. i always had on black eyeliner and usually a bare lip.

me, my freshman year of college.

as i've gotten older, i have gotten far more girly. i always shopped at goodwill and salvation army as a teen, but as i've gotten older i've come to appreciate vintage clothing even more. i started getting really into rockabilly when i was about 20.

me at 20.

now, i buy mostly vintage clothing. today's outfit is a vintage swirl dress that i got on ebay (for a ridiculously low price), nude backseam tights, a crinoline, cute vintage inspired shoes, and victory rolls. though i am at school right now, i am going out to dinner with a friend after. not that my outfit would probably differ much even if i wasn't going out to dinner.

also, i can NOT recommend enough the new MAC wonder woman lipstick in russian red

it is a beautiful shade of a true red, and is perfect for summer!


  1. Ha! Do you remember that girl who used to come to our 2D class in pjs but have a full face of make up on? I was reminded of her when Adam and I were driving by the U of O campus a few days ago. I think I saw maybe ONE girl who was actually dressed. It was maddening!

  2. haha yes, i do remember her! it drives me batty that people show up to class wearing pjs. like, how uncomfortable is it to throw on jeans? or even get some jersey dresses and just toss them on. i think they're even more comfy than pjs!

  3. cool blog. february 2 2011 photograph #3, great look :-) you must be a Betty Page Fan as well?

    a lifelong punk rock/rockabilly fanatic (X... best band. ever) who studied studio art/art history/archaeology while in college too - starman76

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