Thursday, May 26, 2011

some recent outfits and thrifting sucesses.

i've been part of the epic winning team of thrifting lately. holy moly. i've also scored some goodies on ebay/etsy.

part one: the sad story of a Swirl
so, i lost an auction for an adorable swirl on ebay that i desperately wanted because i wasn't paying attention (it ended up going for $37. hate. life.) so i got mad and decided to buy another swirl instead. i found this really cute one for $48 on etsy. (i think it's a very late 50s or early 60s swirl based on the skirt length)

cute, right? wellll, when i got it, it only had one tie! how sad was i. (hint: really sad.) so i emailed the seller and pitched a bit of a fit (mostly stating "wtf how did you even tie it in the photo") and she was SOO nice. she said she really had no idea how the swirls actually worked (hence the cheap-ish price). she was kind enough to send me a new dress from her shop (i'll take a pic of it eventually) for free. soooo, on my way home from my parents', i stopped and picked up some bright yellow cotton and decided i'd make new straps for my swirl. i actually... almost like these even more than the original. they're so cute!

(these photos brought to you by kate, "i have a 700 dollar digital slr and i use my iphone" mcmahon. cough.)

this was the outfit i was wearing today (i got stared at at the mall like i was a crazy person. maybe i am. but i thought it was adorable.) i got the purse yesterday at savers for $9... it's so sweet and big enough for me. vintage late 40s or early 50s i think, based upon the tag. loves it. the skirt is a vintage malco modes square dancing skirt (70s??) i got on ebay for $9. super full and fun. the lace tank and little sweater are el-cheapos from old navy. the necklace is one of my faves, i bought it at a vintage shop in town. just a simple chain with two antique keys on it. i wore this with a pair of flat red espadrilles.

i wore this outfit to a barbeque the other weekend. the dress is a swirl from the 50s (blue gingham with rickrack), the purse is a vintage husk purse with raffia strawberries from the 50s i got when Art Deco Dame had a sale a month or so ago (i'm obsessed with wicker/husk/etc purses right now. can't. get. enough.) the cardigan is from old navy, and the bangles are vintage celluloid carved.

oh, and this is an update. remember that crazy thrifting day i had last week-ish? well, this is the yellow dress. vvvvvva-va-voom. my new manfriend person was a fan of this dress. a big fan.

so that's it. i got some other stuff. and there's some new fun things in my etsy shop. i should probably start using my camera more. sigh.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A very successful vintage-ing

I have had some extreme success in the vintage hunt lately. First, I found a Swirl dress on Etsy. Unfortunately, the seller didn't realize that the Swirls (at least the 60s Swirls) have two ties and it only had one... the other side was left to flop around! When I got it I was so sad :( Luckily, the seller was great and actually offered to send me anything else from her shop! So now I have a cute new dress coming, AND I still have the Swirl that I was able to fix. I made new ties out of yellow cotton. I actually think the yellow ties go PERFECTLY. Here are a couple of shots of it...

Thennnn, today I stopped at a thrift store on my way to my parents (to get said Swirl which got shipped there), and it was ah-mazing.

I got this for $5.
It's so perfectly 50s. The skirt is huge and almost a full circle. There is amazing detailing around the collar and buttons. I had to let it out a touch and move some things... but with some spanx/girdle action it's perfect! I can't wait to wear it on my date this weekend :)

The other spoils of my day:
a vintage leather camera bag. I think I'm going to use it as a makeup travel case.

A carved ivory necklace. I believe this is real ivory. The clasp at least is as I can see the grain of it. It's either ivory or celluloid (but I think it might be too heavy to be celluloid). Either way, it's vintage and cute. And it was cheap.

And my second favorite thing of the day... a vintage strawberry table set. Teapot, salt and pepper shakers and a sugar jar. How frigging cute will that look on my yellow formica table!? SO CUTE.

VINTAGE FOR THE WIN! fuck this crappy week, vintage helps.

Ps. I didn't JUST get stuff for myself... there's some new stuff up in my shop.