Thursday, May 19, 2011

A very successful vintage-ing

I have had some extreme success in the vintage hunt lately. First, I found a Swirl dress on Etsy. Unfortunately, the seller didn't realize that the Swirls (at least the 60s Swirls) have two ties and it only had one... the other side was left to flop around! When I got it I was so sad :( Luckily, the seller was great and actually offered to send me anything else from her shop! So now I have a cute new dress coming, AND I still have the Swirl that I was able to fix. I made new ties out of yellow cotton. I actually think the yellow ties go PERFECTLY. Here are a couple of shots of it...

Thennnn, today I stopped at a thrift store on my way to my parents (to get said Swirl which got shipped there), and it was ah-mazing.

I got this for $5.
It's so perfectly 50s. The skirt is huge and almost a full circle. There is amazing detailing around the collar and buttons. I had to let it out a touch and move some things... but with some spanx/girdle action it's perfect! I can't wait to wear it on my date this weekend :)

The other spoils of my day:
a vintage leather camera bag. I think I'm going to use it as a makeup travel case.

A carved ivory necklace. I believe this is real ivory. The clasp at least is as I can see the grain of it. It's either ivory or celluloid (but I think it might be too heavy to be celluloid). Either way, it's vintage and cute. And it was cheap.

And my second favorite thing of the day... a vintage strawberry table set. Teapot, salt and pepper shakers and a sugar jar. How frigging cute will that look on my yellow formica table!? SO CUTE.

VINTAGE FOR THE WIN! fuck this crappy week, vintage helps.

Ps. I didn't JUST get stuff for myself... there's some new stuff up in my shop.

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  1. Oh my goodness that camera bag is AMAZING!! Love that yellow dress on you too. What a great score.