Thursday, June 30, 2011

oh yah.

quickly, i did this silly little tutorial. i will try to post actual photos of what this hairstyle looks like when i have someone who can photograph the back of my head, for i... suck at that. haha.

i suck at blogging.

i have been too busy with a really wonderful rockabilly boy and my life to be blogging much. however, as a shop update:

vintage Swirl brand wrap dress from the 60s, size small to large, floral with great details!

adorable pink rockabilly dress xl

lots of other cute goodies up in my shot, including some bullet bras and a squaw skirt and top set in a variety of sizes in my shop!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

a product review.

so, i recently made a trip to ulta to pick up a few makeup necessities. they had a sale on nyx (i think it was a buy 2 get 1 free). i was perusing the selection and saw this stuff called "soft matte lip cream". i was in the market for some lip something other than lipstick. i have to admit most days i'm really lazy and don't bother to line my lips, which can lead to some unfortunate incidents. i said "what the hell!" and decided to try it.

so this is what it looks like in the tube. i bought in the color "amsterdam".

it comes with an applicator similar to a lipgloss applicator but looks thick, like lipstick.

i applied a single coat at first without any kind of liner or primer. it goes on really slick like a lipgloss. it has a very good amount of pigment in it and i was surprised that i only really needed one coat. it is still very smudgeable in the first few minutes, so i found it was best not to mess with it for a few minutes. after a few minutes i applied a light second coat so that it was very bright.

overall, i really like the look. it gives the appearance of a matte lipstick but just a lot quicker. i'm all for being prepared for the surprise occasion to get dressed up (and always have a pair of heels in my car), so this stuff is ideal. my only complaint is that it definitely does not have the staying power of regular lipstick... eat anything and it's pretty much gone. but that's a small price to pay, i think. plus, it's only about $6US. like, seriously. why wouldn't you need it? i might go grab some other colors soon!

also, i have a bunch of cute stuff up in my etsy shop...

including a bunch of really adorable deadstock 50s/60s blouses. you should probably check them out. just saying.