Tuesday, August 30, 2011

terrible blog upkeep and a vintage inspired kinda secret garden wedding.

i'm sorry i post so infrequently... this summer has been a bit crazy with trying to work on my master's thesis (requiring quite a few trips to various archival places), and several archaeological excavations requiring time away from the computer and into the sun! i do more frequently tumblr, so you can follow me on there if you feel so inclined (though i mostly reblog adorable photos of pretty ladies and kitties) vintage love

the other thing that completely occupied me was the wedding of my very best friend daise. daise and i met on the very first day of kindergarten. we will both be turning 28 this fall, so that gives you an idea of how long we have been besties! through thick and thin, she has been my rock, and we are like sisters. her family is mine and vice versa. this will be a bit of a photo-heavy post, to warn you in advance!

the bridal shower
so because our families are so close, and live in the same town, my mother threw daise her bridal shower at the end of july. i baked a cake, and we made a ton of food.

i baked a cake and i crocheted 25 hair flowers in the colors of her wedding- orange, yellow, green (and i threw in a few blue ones for good measure).

the bachelorette
so for her bachelorette i decided that i'd surprise her. we took a trip to the new england aquarium during the day (daise lovesssss fish), had a french brunch, then a fantastic vegetarian dinner at the red lentil, then went to a drag show! it was sooo fun and funny. a great time was had by all!

the wedding
daise's mom is an accomplished seamstress and made her wedding dress and the flower girl dress. aleta, daise's sister, and i ordered our dresses on etsy at time machine vintage. it was a gorgeous wedding, and a ton of work. i did all of the hair and makeup for the three of us as well.