Tuesday, September 18, 2012


So I've re-launched my blog in an effort to hopefully lead up to my Etsy shop rebranding and relaunch. Many things have happened since I last posted! I'll try to remember them all. As I'm sure you can see, I've relocated to Washington, DC. I live right in the city, in the Bloomingdale/LeDroit Park neighborhood. I moved down here because I was accepted into a doctoral program at Howard University! I'll be studying the antebellum period in the North and specifically focusing on African American communities of free peoples. It's an under-studied area and a very interesting one. I'm really quite excited! So I moved down to DC in August and moved into a row house with two people, a woman and a man. My roommate Anna works in public health and my roommate Primoz is a grad student at George Washington U. Both are great. Our house is a perfect 19th century brick row house.
\ Besides the move, I did a ton of archaeology this summer. I spent a good amount of time in Ohio working on a wind farm project that will be put there in a year or two. I also did bi-weekly archaeology tours of an island off the coast of Maine to coincide with a museum exhibit, and I was also the teaching assistant for a field school. Lots and lots to write about those and I will save them for separate posts. I intend on my blog to be a mix of vintage clothing chats, some hair stuff, and then a lot about archaeology and grad school in general. I hope to also throw a little bit of personal stuff in here and there, as I've embarked on some wonderful new relationships since moving to DC (romantic and otherwise). Hopefully I'll be better about posting more regularly! :p

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