Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Radio silence

It seems every blog post I write starts with an apology for the time that has passed between blog posts. I have a pretty good excuse, as with the semester wrapping up I've been in full-on graduate school crazy mode. I've just submitted a paper for publication (now begins the months of waiting...)

Monday is my 30th birthday. That's pretty weird, right? 30 always seemed so... old. When I was younger, I hung around lots of boys in bands (shocker) and most of them were in their 30s (thinking back on the fact that I was 18 and most of these dudes were nearly 30 or over 30, I don't know how my parents made it through that period of my life without murdering anyone).

Anywho, my best friends are flying down from Maine and Boston, respectively. I am really excited to have them both here, since they've only visited once separately. We're planning on a fun but not too crazy weekend, since I don't drink. They get in Friday, and one leaves Monday, the other Tuesday. We're going to eat lots of delicious food and then drive out to Shenandoah on Sunday and probably go to ALL of the antique stores on the way, because OBVIOUSLY. I'm excited for my besties to meet my friend(s) in DC too (not that I really have more than two here... why is it so difficult to make friends when you get older?)

Here are some photos. I'm thinking about growing out my bangs. I've had them for five years but it feels like maybe I need a change. Maybe just longer bangs? Meh, it'll take nearly a year for them to grow out so I've got some time to change my mind. Ha.

New goat skull and taxidermy butterflies. They're dead buddies and they hang out above my TV.

My life, as of late.