Wednesday, May 7, 2014

About that frequent updating.

Well, the distance between posts is significantly less. I got wrapped up in the end of the semester and didn't have a spare moment. Some highlights: 

I went to Austin for the Society for American Archaeology annual conference, where I presented a paper (and chaired my session, American History).  It was a lot of fun: saw some friends (archies and non-archies), ate some tasty food, and in general had a whirlwind, fun time in Austin. I hope to go back when it's less of a work trip soon. 

I got back, and immediately had to finish an article for an editor's timeline (did I mention I'm getting published in an academic journal? My first one. Another post for another day).  Anyway, I then turned around and drove to Raleigh to visit my brother and see my best friend's band play (HABITS). Was a rollicking good time. Some photos: